Monday, August 9, 2010

Seabrook - 2010

We had a wonderful week on Seabrook Island. The weather was hot so we spent most of the week in the water. One day we visited the aquarium and then hit up Hyman's Seafood. YUM! Ella Grace started walking about 1 week before we left for the beach, perfect timing! She loved the beach, watching the seagulls, throwing the sand around, digging holes and climbing into them. Another favorite part of the trip was the pool, they had a big spray fountain that she enjoyed playing under with Grampa. The reason we chose Seabrook this summer was because my sister got married! More pics from her wedding on a later blog.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After unloading groceries ,this is what I found on the kitchen floor......Ella Grace hard at work trying to throw "the ball".

who knew?!?!

Hundreds of dollars of toys around the house and this is what she chooses to play with over any other toy in the house, on any given day. Oh what fun!!

4th of july boating fun!

mmmmmm...lake water!

Julie to the rescue!!!

Today we got to hang out on the bookmillers boat with some of our favoirte peeps...the Yeni's and bookmillers! The weather was amazing. 75 and sunny!