Saturday, October 31, 2009

A week of halloween

I have to admit, Ella Grace is the cutest little chicken I have ever seen. She got the opportunity to wear her first Halloween costume A LOT this past week.... we started out last weekend with her buddy Caroline. Caroline was as sweet as can be in a little strawberry outfit, but for some reason neither of the girls wanted to don their costumes that evening. When one would calm down she would look at the other and the floodgates would open up again, it was so funny! Finally we caved and gave them their paci's! thanks to Cass for the hilarious shots. The second opportunity was at the panthers game. Nana and Papa wanted to see her costume and we got to hang with our buddies the Schwartz's, thanks Trang for the shots. The third opportunity we got was during our music class on Monday, Ella Grace is posing with her buddy Lila. They both made it the whole class wearing their costumes. Finally Halloween is here!

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