Saturday, April 3, 2010

12 months!

Today we went for our 12 month checkup. What a champ Ella Grace was. Nobody told me they have to start getting shots in their ARMS now! Poor thing, she hardly has any meat on her bones and she got 4 shots! She is a little pipsqueak! She is in the 25th percentile. Her stats were-

Weight - 18lbs, 14 oz
Height - 28 inches

Most of my girlfriends who have older children than Ella Grace tell me that each month it just keeps getting better and better. They were right! We have had such a good time with Ella Grace this month. Her little personality is starting to really show! Most of the time Ella Grace is an observer, she likes to sit on my lap and watch people and new objects. She loves her books, we spend so much time each day reading and then she wants to crawl down from my lap and play some more with her books on the floor. She has 4 teeth and is working on her 5th. We had to put baby gates up after I found her on the third step playing with my shoes. Some of her favorite foods this month are chicken nuggets, macncheese, strawberries, pears, carrots, baked chicken, and mashed potatoes. And of course cupcakes. She even had her first Peep last week! Some of her new moves are waving goodbye and reaching her hands up when we say So Big! Her favorite toy this month is her Leap Frog table. Oh and she is officially in the big tub during bath time!

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