Monday, May 10, 2010

Let summer begin!

Last week Brian and I headed to San Fransisco for a few days. Eema came down to stay with Ella Grace during the week for us. At the end of the week Grampa came for a visit just in time as Brian and I got back into town. We started out our weekend with a 5K run thru plaza-midwood. Our buddies the Shearer's joined us. Courtney and I pushed the babies in the strollers and my Dad, Brian and Adam ran the race. Ella Grace enjoyed sharing Grampa's banana and raisins after the race. A BIG congratulations to my Dad who took home the trophy for top/fastest runner in his age group! That evening my Dad got to spend some one-on-one time with Ella Grace while Brian and I headed out to a Derby party and my Mom and Rebecca headed to the beach to check out wedding stuff. The next day was a scorcher! It got up in the 90's! So we decided to pull out Ella Grace's birthday gift from Nana and Papa. She loved it. The water was FREEZING, even too cold for the adults, but she didn't want to get out. Her favorite part was going down the little mini-slide. The picture with my mom and Ella Grace is proof what a fun, exciting, and energetic weekend we had!

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