Friday, April 8, 2011

Uncle Justin and Aunt Cathy's wedding

Last month we headed into the tundra for Uncle Justin and Aunt Cathy's wedding. our whole family was lucky enough to get to stay at Aunt Cathy's family friend's house while they were away for a vacation. Ella Grace Loved playing with the doll babies there. Brian's parents offered to keep Henry for the the weekend. We were sad to leave him, but it was soooooo cold and we know he was so warm snuggled in with Nana and Papa. The wedding was beautiful and Aunt Cathy looked stunning. We got to participate in the wedding which was a mass. Our family got to bring up the gifts. Ella Grace loved all the music and dancing, but I think her favorite part of the trip was flying FIRST class! Wow what a lucky girl! One benefit of having a husband who travels for work! I do think it's kinda ironic that my 1 year old is already flying first class while I just started and I'm 35! ahhh, signs of the times!

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